e-Volve Gadget Holster 2.0: For Macho Techies Of The Dainty Variety


Need a fashionable way to carry your load of gadgets for daily use?  Try the latest evolution of the Man Purse – e-Volve’s Gadget Holster 2.0, a shoulder-strapping contraption that lets you load up on handhelds and accessories so well that it will make you forget how unmanly it makes you look (note: check out the guy above, whose ambivalence makes me both laugh and cry).

Designed particularly for the iPhone, e-Volve claims the Gadget Holster 2.0 should be able to make room for the handset comfortably, along with a pocket wallet, a travel wallet, phone accessories and miscellaneous small items all at the same time.  Even better, they’re supposed to slot in securely, keeping your bevy of tech items safe and out of your pockets.

Features include two soft device pouches, a protective closure flap, a mesh pocket, a zippered passport pocket and a hidden pocket.  It also comes with a conduit system that allows wearers to feed earphone wires through the back of the holster, essentially freeing you from hanging cables.

The Gadget Holster 2.0 is supposed to fasten quickly, offering an easy snap-on buckle.    That means you can remove it immediately once you notice people you know on the horizon, all of whom would probably laugh at your man-purse-wearing masculinity.  With the convenience it provides for only $30, though, it may just make sense to toss pride aside.  Who knows, it could be male fashion’s next big thing?

[Gadget Holster via Engadget]