Ergomotion Mouse Rocks, Swivels And Pivots To Support Your Hand And Wrist

Still can’t find the comfort you seek in a mouse peripheral?  Before giving up in favor of trackpads (or ditching PCs altogether for tablets), you might want to audition the Ergomotion, a new wrist-friendly accessory that claims to prevent repetitive stress injury (RSI) and carpal-tunnel.

Manufactured by Smartfish, the device splits the conventional mouse into two parts – a top that looks like any regular mouse and a base which contains the laser-based movement controls (800 dpi).  The top is attached to the base via a central pivot that allows your wrist to bend forwards, backwards, sideways and whichever position is most comfortable, all while doing the normal things you do with the peripheral.

The Ergomotion is a symmetrical mouse that can be used by both left- and right-handers with ease.  Using the unusual two-part design, it can rock, swivel and pivot, supporting all natural hand and wrist positions throughout your entire use, saving you from the single-stance constraints of traditional mouse accessories.  It was designed in collaboration with the New York-based Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), who provided much of the input on proper hand support during computer use.

Barring the patented ergonomic mechanism, it works much like a regular wireless mouse.  It has two buttons and a scroll wheel, and connects to the PC using a 2.4GHz USB nano-tranceiver.

Smartfish calls the Ergomotion “the most comfortable device for everyone.”  While that’s probably not true, it does sound like a cleverly-fashioned mouse peripheral.  If it’s as durable as it is ergonomic, the $49.95 asking price might prove to be a wise investment.

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