eScape Adds A Fake Window To Your Batcave, Shows Nature Scenes

Holy hermit Batman, no matter how awesome your Batcave is, it could always use a little outside view. The eScape is a large HDTV that mounts recessed into the wall, behind a window frame. That way, you can watch realistic-looking outside scenes, even when you’re 50 feet below Wayne Manor.

Of course, spying on your neighbors go about their mundane existence like in a real window is not even half entertaining. That’s why the system comes with eight full HD videos showing vibrant sights and sounds of nature’s splendor, including continuous sequences of ocean, waterfall and river scenes. Yes, just like living in a deserted paradise with all your urban amenities and Batcave gadgetries in tow.

The eScape window turns an industrial 40-inch 1080p LCD TV into your fake window, filling it with pre-recorded soothing footages that range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Mounted vertically on a steel pan and set up with a real window encasement (you get a choice of styles and materials), it appears oddly life-like. Until you decide to stick your neck out the window to smell the fresh breeze, that is, giving yourself a black eye in the process.

Seller Sky Factory sets up the whole thing, which includes a video player assembly connected to the TV, ceiling-mounted directional speakers, remote control system, and tons of wires and cables. Yep, it’s like having a home entertainment system installed, except you only watch upright recordings of nature designed to lull you into a relaxed state.

Like a souped-up home theater, the Sky Factor eScape will cost you. Basic set starts at $9,750.

[Sky Factory via Born Rich]