First Class On The Road: A Supercar Tour Of The Alps


Travel and supercars are two of life’s finer joys.  First Class On The Road marries both luxuries together, offering an extravagant two-day journey of Switzerland or Austria for a few lucky travelers beginning this weekend.

Brandished as luxury car-hopping, the new tour puts you behind the wheel, alternating between a Lamborghini Gallardo, an Aston Martin DB9, a BMW M6 and a Weismann MF3, cruising through gorgeous driving routes with scheduled stops on the finest restaurants, luxury hotels, and spas along the way.   It’s basically the good life on a packaged tour, an opportunity to experience extraordinary automobiles, world-renowned chefs and unmitigated pampering, amidst some of Europe’s most romantic backdrops.

The Switzerland tour takes you to the central region of the country driving to Lucern and then to Interlaken, motoring through winding alpine roads amidst a beautiful scenery.  Guests get to stay at the 19th century Palace Luzern in Vierwaldstätter See, among other historic stops.  The Austrian variant, on the other hand, takes you along the routes at Salzkammergut, with the 13th century Schloss Fuschl castle (now one of Europe’s 25 best resorts) as base.

Driving a supercar can be a vacation in itself (for many of us), but doing it amidst Europe’s panoramic mountain ranges (think hairpin turns and sharp inclines) is just an experience most rarely get to partake in.   First Class On The Road estimates six hours of road time for each tour between stops, so you’ll get plenty of opportunity to sit behind the wheel.

[First Class On The Road via Urban Daddy]