Forget Cops And Robbers, Get Your Kids Playing Sellers And Suckers With The Kaufladen


Want your kids to grow up filthy rich?  Get them started early with the Kaufladen, a mobile kiosk stand marketed to German kids.  That way, they can steal stuff from your fridge and sell it back to you for a profit.   Clever.

Anywhere you go in the world, it’s always the business owners raking all the money.  Forget having your children play cops and robbers – nobody makes real coin from that deal.  If they’re going to roleplay, they might as well do seller and sucker because that’s where all the money is.  Five hundred percent markup, baby.

The Kaufladen is a mobile stand, consisting of a kiosk with wheels, storage compartments and a removable cotton cover with awning.  It’s made up of three main sections – a wheeled base (with two rows of shelves and pull-out display areas), a tabletop (with the sunshade attached) and a middle section consisting of one row of shelving (with two removable drawers).   The body is made from MDF with a durable 2-pack paint finish.

It looks too big for your tyke?  Not a problem.  Just remove the middle area, sit the tabletop on the base for a lower height and have your four year old selling your household items in no time: “Five dollars for my daddy’s HDTV!”  Sounds awesome.

Great way to teach the young ones how to take advantage of the laws of economics for profits, right?  While designed for kids, the Kaufladen is actually a functional selling kiosk.  You can literally hoist this on your pickup, drive to a flea market and set up shop. It’s available for approximately $400, which is downright ridiculous, though.  Sounds like someone’s been playing seller and sucker far too long…

[Haseweiss via Baroque Babies]