Track Your Surf Sessions Like You Track Your Runs With The Glassy Pro One

If you spend more time catching waves at the beach than hitting the trails for a run, then a general purpose fitness tracker isn’t likely to do you a lot of good.  For the most part, they just aren’t rigged to keep track of the things you’re likely to care about most.  So ditch the Fitbit and get that wrist ready to strap a Glassy Pro One instead.

A dedicated sportsband for surfers, it ditches the “calories burned” and “steps taken” standards that come with traditional fitness bands.  Instead, it keeps track of the stats that are more likely to matter in surfing, like the number of waves you catch, your speed during each wave (yes, a 35mph motorized surfboard is cheating, but nobody has to know), the length of time you ride each wave, the meteorological conditions during each session, and how much time you actually spend in the water.  Like other fitness devices, it comes with a social component that lets you share and compare results, so you can finally settle your ongoing debate about who spends more time in the sea with that guy on the internet forum who lives halfway around the world.

Aside from tracking your sessions, the Glassy Pro One comes with a database of 6,000 surf spots around the world, so you can quickly locate where to hit the water as soon as you touch ground in an unfamiliar place.  There’s also a facility for adding your own favorite spots and sharing them, so that database is only bound to get bigger and better over time.  Other functions include a surf-focused weather forecast for the next seven days (so you can plan your sessions) and surf alerts (you can receive a notice every time a surf spot you marked has specific meteorological conditions).

Now available for preorder, the Glassy Pro One is priced at $279.

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