Healthy Communication Is Important

pertelian-gameopticsThese days your computer needs to communicate with you, and let’s face it…you don’t give it much of a chance when you are running WOW or Second Life all day long at full screen. Now, however, you can give your computer it’s own way to communicate with you with a handy little device called the Pertelian.

The Pertelian is a totally awesome backlit LCD display that plugs into a USB port and tells you things like Ebay auctions, Gamefire, IRC chat messages, and many other useful essentials like email or stock quotes. You can even create your own apps for the Pertelian to choose what you are notified of, with the help of the community.

The Pertelian notifies you of time – even in other time zones, has a stop watch in case you want to play for exactly 45 minutes and 13 seconds, has Teamspeak support and offers customizable buttons and much, much more. It even gives you up to the minute stock reports, so that you can, at a moment’s notice, pick up the phone and shout “Sell!”. I tried it and felt a little bit like Clark Kent’s editor. Then my mom asked me why I just called her and yelled “Sell!” into the phone. Ah, well.

Its on sale now at ThinkGeek for 48.99 Check it out