Illuzine Outfits Your Room With A Floating Magazine Rack

Need a place to hang your issues of Maxim and FHM in the bathroom?  How about we make them hover by the wall, right next to the toilet paper?  That's right, you can hang an entire year's worth of glossy prints on the Illuzine, a wall-mounted magazine rack that makes your favorite publications looks like they're floating on air.

Consisting of six levels of racks that can hold two magazines each, you'll never have to run out of bathroom reading favors ever again.  Better yet, you can simply tear the pages in case you ever run out of toilet paper, saving you from a late night trip to the convenience store.  Heck, rip that page with the perfume scent sample and leave your bum smelling like a million bucks.

The Illuzine is attached by a wall mount, with six arms that hold one strip of powder-coated metal rack each.  It measures 14 x 6 x 3 inches and comes in two colors - white and silver. A full set of magazines hanging on the contraption will cover the entire hardware, leaving your favorite glossy prints look like they're floating on air, making them blend seamlessly with any home decor.

If you never read magazines anymore (I mean, they're on the web anyway), the floating rack should capably double as a hanging implement for many other types of materials.  Personally, I'd probably use it as a place to hang belts, scarves and bandanas, among other things.  Those things floating should look awesome.

Designed by Satina Turner, the Illuzine currently retails for $32.

[Umbra via Gear Patrol]