Joydeem Foldable Steamer Cooks Three Layers Of Food In One Go, While Collapsing Into A Compact Size For Storing Out Of The Way

Some people use a dedicated countertop appliance to cook food by steaming. Those who don’t want to take up more space in the counter can opt to use a pot insert or even an oven steamer accessory to achieve the same thing. The Joydee Foldable Steamer offers a different option – a countertop steamer that can collapse to fit inside a cabinet or drawer.

That’s right, it’s collapsible countertop steamer that shrinks to the size of a vertically-oriented current-gen game console. We know, that’s not exactly small, but the slim profile should make it viable enough to stash inside cabinets, drawers, and other storage compartments in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can keep it right on the counter, since it will take up minimal surface space when folded up in its collapsed form.

When unfolded, the Joydeem Foldable Steamer consists of a rectangular cooking surface that releases steam through built-in perforations and a water tank behind it. It also comes with three stackable steam baskets, allowing you to steam up to three layers of food simultaneously, each of which is made with see-thru panels on all four sides, so you can see how the food is doing the entire time. Capacitive buttons on the cooking surface allow you to control the level of steam heat it emits to one of four settings, while time control lets you set the cooking duration anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours, with the appliance automatically shutting off as soon as the timer is done. Do note, make sure you have enough water in the tank, as the appliance will also automatically shut off when it detects that the water tank is empty.

According to the outfit, the steamer can cook most fish in around 15 minutes, hard-boiled eggs in 10 minutes, and most vegetables in 10 to 25 minutes, so you can get most of your cooking done in well under half an hour, especially since you cook multiple items at once with its three-tiered stack of baskets. Aside from those, the outfit points out you can also use this to make spongy cake in around eight minutes and even cook a whole chicken in just 25 minutes. Heck, they even recommend you use the steamer to sterilize various items, from cutlery and baby bottles to towels and whatever else you can think of disinfecting.

The Joydeem Foldable Steamer’s water tray and perforated cooking surface are both made from 304 stainless steel, each of which you can remove after cooking for cleaning in the dishwasher (it will probably end up with plenty of drippings, after all). The water tank comes with an integrated hose drain that you can simply direct into the sink, in case you finish your cooking without using up all the water, so you can fold it back up for stashing in a cabinet somewhere. Do note, the steaming baskets are not collapsible, so you’ll have to store them at full size in a cabinet or drawer.

Want one? The Joydee Foldable Steamer is available now.