Teach Your Kids Knife Safety With Klecker’s Trigger Knife Kit


If you like to collect pocket knives, chances are, your kids are going to follow suit. And you’ll want them to be safe when handling even the small blade of an EDC folder. The Klecker Trigger Knife Kit is a plastic model they can use to understand the ins and outs of the standard folding knife.

A teaching knife, it’s designed to be assembled by children from the ground up, so they’ll also learn the basic parts that make up a folder, as well as how all the parts go together. You know, stuff that could make them want to take better care of their knives once they actually start handling the real thing.


The Klecker Trigger Knife Kit is, of course, not an actual knife, although it does resemble a pocket folder in every way. To make sure it’s safe, it comes with rounded tips and edges on the blade, so they can’t actually use it to slice through anything, other than letter envelopes or butter that’s been out of the fridge a little too long. It comes in a variety of colors, so your kids can mix and match to build color-themed knives, although you can also make it a weekend project and help them paint it exactly to their liking. And, yes, your daughters can absolutely bedazzle theirs if they want.


Available now, the Klecker Trigger Knife Kit is priced at $12.95.

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