From The Volcano To Your Desk: The Lava Cube Of Fire

Portable fireplaces are nice.  The Lava Cube of Fire, however, is more than a tabletop fireplace – it’s a fire-breathing slab of “raw” Icelandic lava (not that there’s a cooked version, mind you).

Created by Secret North, the volcanic rocks have been harvested right out of recent eruptions in Iceland.  That means each piece, which has been carefully selected for their aesthetic qualities,  will be unique, with their own set of random, distinguishing characteristics.

The Lava Cube of Fire is a portable fireplace fashioned from volcanic rocks, set atop a wooden plinth and adorned with a black fiber wood symbol on one corner.  It uses non-toxic bio-gel fuel to create the bright flames, which actually crackle as if you’re burning actual logs.  While it makes real fire (keep your hands away), do note that it’s a decorative piece, so don’t expect it to warm up the room.

We’re not sure about the dimensions (it wasn’t listed), but the piece looks about as big as an oversized mug.  Looks really classy, though, making it perfect for adding just a hint of sophistication to your normally messy desk.  Plus, it’s from an active volcano, which should make for some interesting conversations.

Secret North’s Lava Cube of Fire is available, packaged in a fancy gift box, for $350.

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