Looflighter Firestarter Wants To Send Your Fireplace Ablaze


When you see a fire burning, do you find yourself wishing for it to get bigger and bigger?  Feed your pyromaniac tendencies with the Looftlighter, an electric firestarter that helps blow whatever you point it at into a massive flame.  Burn baby burn!

Designed to start fires and resuscitate dying ones , it’s the perfect tool to keep at hand when curling up next to the fireplace, swapping scary stories by the campfire or extinguishing a huddled-up army of brain-eating zombies hunting after you.   Any time that flame shows signs of giving out, simply point the business end of the elongated device onto it and push that control on the handle – kaboom, it’s on again!

The Looftlighter is a flameless, electric firestarter that blasts maniacally hot air at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you can’t imagine how it works, you can think of it as a ridiculously hot blowdryer that’s powerful enough send an otherwise innocent pile of logs and kindling ablaze.

According to the sales page, you will start seeing sparks and ember in as short as 15 seconds.  Let the flame take its course and watch it engulf whatever it is you lighted up in annihilating fashion.  Oh shit, that’s not the logpile… it’s your car.  Ack!

Half-hairdryer, half-blowtorch and 100% pyrolicious, the Looflighter is a fun, little barrel of destruction, available to you with just one flick of a switch.  Can you imagine the dozens of amusing stunts (not to mention, accidents and potential jail time) you can end up enjoying with this?