Opinel Grilling Set Lets You Turn the Classic Pocket Knife into a BBQ Spatula

A while ago, we saw Opinel turn their classic folding knife into eating utensils, which use detachable spoon and fork heads you can snap onto the knife handle. It was a weird but effective way to bring dining cutlery into an erstwhile pocket knife. This time around, the outfit is going even further by turning a pocket knife into a spatula in the form of the Opinel Grilling Set.

That’s right, Opinel’s newest pocket knife gets a spatula attachment, allowing you to flip burgers, steaks, and whatever grub you’re cooking with the same tool you can use to slice them later. Whether you’re a collector of the outfit’s classic knives, a fan of modular tools, or just a grilling enthusiast, this thing should make a cool addition to your tool stash.

The Opinel Grilling Set consists of XL Tongs, a No. 12B pocket knife, and a Spatula+ insert. The pocket knife is a modified version of the outfit’s No. 12 knife, which they’re calling No. 12B. Naturally, it reprises all elements of the classic Opinel aesthetic, including the beechwood handle, the secure locking ring, and the notched handle, while coming with a 6.25-inch carbon steel blade for cutting through those big cuts of meat you decide to plop on the grill. Do note, the No. 12 is not the same as the No. 12B, so you can’t quite use the included accessory with the former the way you can use this one.

Similar to the Picnic+, the Virobloc locking ring comes with a docking slot where you can insert any included accessories. In this case, that will be a spatula attachment called Spatula+, which gives you a 15.75-inch long flipper tool with a broad, flat, and blunt blade for use in both the backyard grill and the kitchen stovetop alike. Seriously, this should be just as useful for weekend barbecue as it is for your stir-fry dinners. Just in case you’re still not sold on replacing your regular grilling tools with these, they even threw in a bottle opener at the end of the handle, so you can pop cold drinks open.

The Opinel Grilling Set also comes with a pair of grippers called XL Tongs, which are made from stainless steel with a stonewash finish, so it should let you grab all those meats at the grill in short order. They even threw in a grill lift to help with cleaning out spent coals. It measures 15 inches long, so you get to keep a safe distance from the heat, whether you’re using it to pick up from the top of the grill, on a frying pan, or inside an oven.

Both the tons and the spatula attachment are dishwasher-safe, so you should be able to clean them with the rest of the dishes at home. Obviously, the same doesn’t go for the knife, which you should clean however you usually clean the rest of your pocket knives with a wooden handle. Do note, the whole thing is only available as a set, with even the No. 12B not available on its own as a separate product.

The Opinel Grilling Set is available now, priced at $130.

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