OYO Total Body Massager Combines Self-Administered Percussive And Lateral Massage In One Device

The advent of affordable massage guns has changed the game for many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, allowing erstwhile average consumers access to a recovery tool once reserved for high-level athletes, sports teams, and trainers.  The OYO Total Body Massager takes the massage gun and adds lateral vibration to make it even more versatile.

If you’ve seen a percussive massager before, then you have an idea how it works. You put whatever head you want on the business end, press it to the body part you want to work on, and press a button to get it pulsing. As great as it is for breaking up knots and relieving aches, it’s limited to doing its work on muscles and soft tissue, leaving you with no DIY recourse for similar treatments on joints, bones, and hard tissue (like when your hand hurts from too much gaming). This massager changes that.

The OYO Total Body Massager can do, pretty much, anything a regular massage gun can do. Just swap in any of the six available massage heads and use it like any percussive massager, digging in through tight and sore muscles, going from one spot to another.  It comes with four speed settings (600, 800, 1000, and 1300 cycles per minute) that you can easily adjust through the switch on top, with the trigger control on the grip allowing you to get it running with a quick squeeze. The onboard battery is rated for up to four hours of runtime. No word on how noisy the onboard motor is, by the way, although the outfit describes it as “powerful yet quiet.” Given that they’re not touting how quiet it is, probably fair to expect it to be a little loud.

Granted, the way it secures onto the shaft is a little strange, as it uses a snap buckle system that allows you to simply snap the head on and off. We don’t know how it affects the massage head’s pulsing or overall intensity, but it’s definitely unusual. Of course, it employs a buckle system because it’s meant to do more than the spot treatment of your typical massage gun.

The OYO Total Body Massager includes an elastic strap with a hand grip on one end and a buckle on the other. Simply secure the buckle end to the device’s shaft, grab the strap’s grip with your other hand, and you’ve got yourself a functional lateral massage tool. To use, just wrap the strap around any body part you want to massage, holding it taut via the grip on each end, and turn the device on, at which point it will cause the strap to vibrate back and forth.

According to the outfit, the addition of lateral massaging should allow you to self-massage any body part, as the strap effectively lets you reach practically everywhere. It can also perform the same massaging function on joints, bones, and hard tissue, which are typically off-limits to traditional percussive massage tools. The strap is adjustable, too, so you can lengthen it to cover your back or shorten it to wrap around your calves.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the OYO Total Body Massager. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $175.

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