A Ball-Shaped Popcorn Bowl Just Might Be The Best Way To Enjoy The Movie Night Snack


Bowls are great for eating popcorn, since they hold in all the little kernels while letting you toss the contents around to evenly distribute any flavorings you’ve thrown in. Just because they’re great, however, doesn’t make them the perfect dish for enjoying everyone’s favorite movie night snack. We’d probably reserve that “perfect” label for the PopcornBall.

A ball-shaped popcorn bowl, it lets you lock all the popcorn inside, so you can toss it in the air, roll it on the table, or shake it like a giant maracas to get the salt and flavors spread out evenly. Heck, you can play a brief game of toss and catch around the living room to get the popcorn ready before movie night begins, giving you more fun options than an erstwhile regular popcorn bowl would.


The PopcornBall comes with a lid on top that lets you grab a handful of popcorn for shoving in your mouth, all while also detaching from the middle to transform into two separate bowls that can hold their fair share of popcorn each. It’s microwaveable, so you can cook your popcorn inside, all while doubling as its own delivery system since you can simply kick the ball around on the floor to quickly send it from the kitchen to the living room. Granted, we don’t know how strong the connections on the detachable sections are, but if you kick it hard enough, you’ll probably find out soon enough.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for PopcornBall. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $16.

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