All The Hacker Fun You Missed At Red Bull Creation In Pictures

Team Award winner at the Red Bull Creation Techshop San Francisco definitely came up with the most fun project out of all the finalists. I was kinda surprised when they didn’t win the whole thing.  1.21 Jigawatts Hamster was pretty interesting too but I’ll take thrills over tech any day. Techshop build a revolving see-saw that can lift you upto 15 feet in the air while taking pictures of you just at the most terrifying moment with the assist of an accelerometer attached Polaroid camera. I think they even converted these Polaroids to digital cams.

Team Doublewide came up with The Amazing Cyclo. Hard to beleive they build this working contraption/robot in a matter of 72 hours.


Donner Party 2.0 build a electric tricycle that makes awesome smoothies for you in dryer. Perfect for those hot summer days when you wanna haul your laundry to park and have a drink while at it.

Effin Ladies came up with a beverage chiller. I say perfect companion for the smoothie maker tricycle above.


Check out the complete gallery below.