Roccat Tusko LAN Party Bag Lets You Play Games Like It’s 2001 All Over Again


I’m not sure what Roccat is thinking, but pimping a bag intended to hold gear for LAN parties?  We know it’s not a forgotten sales page from 2001 either, since they’ve got it sized especially for 15 to 24 inch LCD monitors.   Seriously.

Roccat’s Tusko Flatscreen Bag is a LAN party bag that comes with a main area designed to hold slim LCD monitors, along with three other compartments for keyboards, mouse and other accessories.  Yep, it’s like reliving more innocent days when poor broadband speeds made gunning down fellow gamers from across the pond a seemingly-distant dream (so you had them sit across the room instead).

Available in two sizes, you can score the bag in either small (15 to 19 inch LCDs) or large (20 to 24 inch LCDs).  Hopefully, you’re no longer rocking that same 75-lb hunk of CRT monstrosity you hauled for your New Year’s Eve Tribes 2 LAN party back in 2001.  They don’t make bags for that anymore.

The Roccat Tusko is a durable travel bag that repels both water and dirt.  It doesn’t only hold your screen – it secures the LCD on all four corners using high-quality clip hooks (no sliding around) and protects it from damage with a built-in protection plate.  For easy handling, it also comes with a rugged carrying strap, cushy shoulder pad and a hard plastic handle.

Looking to relive some of the glory from lording it over the client server, pawning your  friends at Starcraft and Unreal Tournament?  This bag has you covered. The Roccat Tusko Flatscreen Bag is currently available for $45 for the small one and $68 for the bigger unit.

[Medusa USA]