Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills


Are you looking for something incredibly cute and different for your table?  Maybe you need a fun gift for a friend or for a couple who have just purchased their new home.  Either way, one of the coolest things around is this set of Rubik’s cube salt and pepper mills.

You can’t actually change either of the cubes around like a Rubik’s cube, which is somewhat disappointing.  This means you and your dinner guests won’t be passing the salt around just to see who can get one side a solid color.  If that were only an option, it would certainly make meals a lot more interesting!  Dinner teams could compete to see which one could solve their assigned cube the fastest.  Would Team Pepper get that one white square out of the orange side before Team Salt figured out how to make those three yellow squares line up right?  We’ll never know.

What we do know is that the top of each of these Rubik’s Cubes does turn, and that how you grind out your pepper or salt.  The top color marks which shaker is which: pepper is red, salt is white.

Any salt and pepper shaker collector (and yes, there are some out there) will love having this unique set in his or her collection, but they can be enjoyed by anyone who has a love for Rubik’s Cubes or likes unusual kitchen pieces.

Via Uber Review