Salvador Dali Clock Makes You Feel Drunk Whenever You Check The Time


Contrary to what the name implies, Salvador Dali didn’t design this clock with an appearance that’s permanently out of shape.  Instead, it’s based on the artist’s favorite device – taking an everyday object and distorting it extremely out-of-context.

The Salvador Dali Clock not only tells you time, it messes with your head every time you look at it.  Everything, from the hands to the numbers to the second indicators, look like they are moving, much the same way the world looks like after you’ve finished your third beer bong in two hours.


Can you imagine straining your eyes to check if you’re late for work first thing in the morning and having to stare at this contraption?  You’ll probably have to slap yourself to realize you’re not either dreaming or sporting a massive hangover from last night’s binge drinking.

While the clock may look distorted, not to mention moving in a dizziness-inducing circle, Gadgetshop claims that it’s actually accurate to the nearest second.  Of course, your eyes will need to adjust to the unusual orientation.  After a while, though, you probably won’t even notice it.

Mount this above a bar and watch patrons go nuts, trying to figure out whether they’re drunk or lost in a warp zone of some sorts.  It costs around $15 and uses one AA battery.

Gadgetshop via Technabob