Devour Sushi Like An Apex Predator In This Shark-Themed Serving Platter


Do you devour sushi like a hungry shark tearing your way into a delicious prey? Well, then, nothing can be more appropriate for sushi night in your house than the Shark Attack Sushi Serving Platter, a hand-painted ceramic plate that showcases the apex predator of the ocean.

Like any serving plate, it comes with room to lay out your sushi and sashimi slices, so you can arrange them in a neat presentation if that’s your thing. Unlike regular serving plates, it comes with the head of a shark on one end and the tail on the other, both of which serve handy functions to complement your sushi meal.


The shark head on the Shark Attack Sushi Serving Platter actually serves as a place to hold your soy sauce, so you need not bother with a separate saucer. The tail, on the other hand, makes for a convenient place to rest your chopsticks when you’re taking a break from eating like a sumo wrestler, so you can free up both hands without making any mess on the dining table. It measures 12 x 7 inches.

Not into sushi? Not a problem, as the plate should work just as well for any food item you eat with dips, making it a go-to dish for eating chips, French fries, or vegetable sticks if you’re trying to get healthy.

Available now, the Shark Attack Sushi Serving Platter is priced at $34.94.

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