Skaters Need Mirrors, Too: The Skate Mirror

Even skaters need mirrors, too.  Just because they look dirty when you see them hanging out of the park at 5 in the afternoon, it doesn’t mean they weren’t well-groomed when they left their house this morning. Plus, they’ll need one to check those scratches and bruises that come with getting faceplanted on the pavement multiple times a day. If there’s one person like that in your life, the Skate Mirror could make a perfect holiday gift.

There’s nothing complicated here: it’s a mirrored glass shaped like a skateboard.  Just to make sure you get the skate reference, they bolted genuine skate trucks onto it, so you can carry it around town like a real board and use it to check your hair sporadically.  Do note that it’s not meant to be ridden (they say it multiple times on the website), which means somebody will go ahead and ride it.  Ahhh, the reckless abandon of youth…

The Skate Mirror’s back is stainless steel with various nubs to make hanging it up your wall a painless affair.  It comes with a pack of stickers, too, so you can customize the mirror’s body to your liking.

Designed and made by Suck UK, the Skate Mirror is available now for £100 (around $160).