Slate Tabletop Fireplace Puts A Classy Fire In Your Work Desk

All work desks can use a little spicing up, and a novelty toy or a small plant can do the job just fine.  If you’d like to bring cozy warmth to your working area, however, nothing beats setting up a mini-bonfire to light things up.  We’re not being cheeky.  You really can enjoy a small fire in your tiny cubicle with the Slate Tabletop Fireplace, a sleek, little hearth designed to sit next to you while you punch up that latest spreadsheet.

Created by Gido Wahrmann, the miniature flames probably won’t see you through a cold winter night all on its own.  However, it will add a homey feel to an erstwhile desolate work area, all while looking professional enough to never look out of place.

The Slate Tabletop Fireplace features a 10 x 14 inch steel base, where two 7.5-inch stainless steel lamps sit in a log-like configuration.  Each lamp runs on oil and creates a fire similar to what you’ll get from a regular-sized candle.

It probably won’t help you do your job better, but I’ll be damned if you don’t feel just a tad more relaxed with a continually-running hearth sitting right next to you.  As a bonus, you can burn yourself just slightly when you need a perk-up – no need for coffee!

You may not have that plush corner office yet, but who says you gotta live in a ghetto of a workspace?  Get rid of the crap and give your desk some class with the Slate Tabletop Fireplace.  It’s available from the Yanko Design store for $365.

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