Strand Surfboard Shower Puts An Outdoor Shower On An Eight-Foot Surfboard


No, the Strand Surfboard Shower won’t work any better than a regular outdoor shower when it comes to spraying you down with water. With all the shower parts mounted on a full-sized surfboard, though, it’s definitely a whole lot more interesting than erstwhile normal outdoor showers.

Yes, it’s a real shower – the kind you can hook up to a plumbing system for permanently setting up by the poolside, outside the beach bungalow, or any place else where an outdoor shower is going to prove handy. Except, of course, it’s a surfboard, making an erstwhile boring shower just an itty bit more fun.


The Strand Surfboard Shower comes in three versions: a cold-water only model, a hot-and-cold model, and a custom variant. All three consists of plumbing hardware mounted on a board measuring eight feet long, with a shower head, pressure knob in the center, and standard plumbing parts. Both hot-and-cold and custom models add an extra line for hot water, as well as a second nozzle aimed at the feet (so you can use it to simply wash sand off your feet).


The cold-water model comes in only one board design, while the hot-and-cold is available in three. As the name implies, the custom model can be ordered in your choice colors, logos, and patterns, so you can personalize it according to your heart’s content.  All the boards can be set up freestanding or pushed against a wall.

Pricing for the Strand Surfboard Shower starts at $1,799 for the cold-water model, $2,799 for hot-and-cold, and $3,099 for custom.

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