Throw Dirty Clothes Here: The Sacrificial Chair

Clothes you take off but intend to wear later can’t go into the laundry bin because stuff there’s too dirty.  They can’t go back to the closet either, because you don’t want half-dirty stuff mixed up with the fresh items.  A spare chair usually plays the unofficial clothes rack for such in-betweens, and the Sacrificial Chair embraces that spirit completely.

Created by Punga & Smith as an exhibition piece, it’s actually a rack clad in the shape of a chair.  Why not just use a real chair?  Because there’s no point rendering a functional chair unusable for seating when all you really need is a convenient place to hang your “worn but to be worn again” items of clothing.

The Sacrificial Chair could have been a real chair in another life.  In fact, you can throw a small plank on it and use it as a spare chair when you’ve got one too many guests in the house.  But it’s real function is as a rack to dump halfway-clean clothes, like the pair of jeans you want to wear again tomorrow or that shirt you only used for 30 minutes this morning.

From the looks of it, they’re not selling the thing.  Which is probably best, since you can strip any used chair you pick up at a flea market or garage sale to do the same thing.  At any rate, pretty clever idea, if not a little too tongue-in-cheek.

We can’t find much details on the Sacrificial Chair, but Punga & Smith have a couple extra pictures around their website if you want to take a peek.

[Punga & Smith via Dornob]