The Tooth Fairy Gets Audited Too!

official-tooth-fairy-kitAs parents we know that occasionally we have to lie to our kids.  We tell them that they shouldn’t talk to strangers, but that a fat guy in a red suit breaks into their house each year via the chimney, and eats cookies and drinks milk before leaving.  We also tell them that the baskets that they find every year, were brought by a six-foot talking bunny.  Oddest of all, we lead them to believe that there is an organization run by one solitary fairy, that collects their teeth and pays them a pittance of twenty-five cents for it.  Grotesque!  We know that we lie to our children…but we also know that it’s just so much fun we can’t bear to stop.

In that spirit we introduce the official tooth fairy kit, a set of documents that will fool your kids into thinking that there really is a strange fairy in tights that pays for teeth by allowing them to fill out proper paperwork and deposit their teeth into the proper deposit envelope.  This kit includes three separate letter press Certificates of Record for filing with the tooth fairy, and a silk bag for deposits.  It keeps track of your kids name, tooth lost, age, method of extraction and compensation information.

Not only is this a fun way to keep the myth going but its perfect for keeping records of those childhood moments like losing teeth.  You’ll be able to collect all of your children’s teeth and one day pass their teeth back to them as a momento.  Sure, it’s a little creepy to keep body parts around the house, but we guarantee that this will ensure those childhood memories are preserved forever.

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