USB VCR Converter Lets You Transfer VHS To Less Ancient Gadgets


Still got a huge VHS tape collection?  I understand your pains.  Imagine all the money you wasted on that but no need to bang your head against the wall just yet.  You can now get those VHS movies onto your digital library with the USB VCR Converter, a PC peripheral that rips VHS recordings into a wide array of modern file formats.

Yes, it doubles as a VCR player too, so you can use it to watch taped episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and 21 Jumpstreet, your favorite TV shows of all time.  My God, that Ian Zehring is so sexy.  Hmmm…look at that Dustin Nguyen.  Brings out the cougar in you, doesn’t it?

Simply pop in a tape to the USB VCR Converter, plug it to a USB port on your computer, fire up the included software and begin recording it into your choice of format (with up to 720 x 576 resolution).  No details on exact encoding types, although it can render the film playable for PCs, DVDs, iPods and PSPs, which sounds pretty good.  It will need to play the entire tape, though, so ripping a two hour movie will take an entire two hours.   If you have a large collection – buy some pop corn.

If you have important home videos still stuck on tape, such as weddings, graduations and those funny accidents you sent in to America’s Funniest Home Videos, this sounds like an excellent opportunity to finally get converted to a more accessible format.  Plus, you can reuse those accidents and post them to YouTube for a laugh.

The USB VCR Converter is available for $169.95.

Check it Out.