Violight Zaps The Germs Out Of Your Handheld Electronics

I can understand Violight’s toothbrush sanitizers.  Those things stay in the bathroom and go into your mouth, after all, so we doubt it’s asking too much to want them germ-free.  In case you’d rather err on the side of germaphobia than catch some virus from your handheld electronics, however, Violight’s Cell Phone Sanitizer should happily get the job done.

The company does make a decent case for sanitizing your phone.  According to them, the warm surface of most phones create the perfect environment for germs to thrive.  Considering you put your crummy hands around it most of the day, it definitely does get pretty gross.

Designed to eliminate 99% of germs and bacteria, the Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer uses a pair of UV bulbs to zap your handsets clean.  Just slip the phone into the sanitizing chamber, put on the hood and it will unleash germicidal UV light automatically for the next five minutes, executing micro-organisms living on the frame without remorse.

Only devices measuring 3 x 0.75 x 5 inches or less can fit into the chamber, though, so your iPad is definitely out of the question.  The good news: your underwear, folded up into a compact roll, might actually fit (no more washing – yay).  It comes with an accessories basket, too, where you can dump earphones, headsets, USB sticks and other smaller items for sanitizing.

Now available to allay your worst germ-related fears, you can pick up a Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer for $49.95.  It requires three AA batteries to operate.

[Violight via Cnet]