Vizio’s Sleek 7-Inch LED TV Now Available

With an iPad, Kindle and a smartphone in tow, there’s little else you’ll probably need for on-the-road entertainment.  Unless you like watching your TV shows along with everyone in their homes in dazzling picture quality.  That’s, pretty much, the only justifiable reason for getting a Vizio VMB070 Razor LED TV, a 7-inch portable television that boasts twice the picture quality of conventional portable analog sets.

Vizio claims it’s the first terrestrial handheld-sized television to include an LED panel.  That means brighter pictures, sharper details and more vibrant images than any of its contemporaries.

The VMB070 is a portable TV that measures 8.2 x 5.75 x 0.75 inches and weighs a mere pound.   Edge-lit LCD screen measures 7 inches, with an 800 x 480 resolution and a widescreen profile.  It has a built-in fold-away antenna for picking up  1080i or 720p ATSC broadcasts, as well as touch-sensitive controls.

You can hook it up to your game consoles and disc players, too (composite AV inputs only), making it an excellent backup TV for use when the wife is hogging the set watching Dancing with the Stars.   Battery life is a tad limited, however, at only 3.5 hours of viewing before requiring a recharge.

The 7-inch Vizio VMB070 Razor LED TV is now available, priced at  $159.  Bigger 9- and 10-inch versions are also coming, with more features, including ATSC M/H tuning and HDMI inputs.