This Smart Hair Brush Can Identify Your Hair Quality And Offer Insightful Grooming Advice


No, nobody needs a smart hair brush that records how frequently you brush your hair. Fortunately, that’s not what the Withings x Kérastase Hair Coach does. Instead, this hair styling tool can monitor the health of your crown, all while offering detailed instructions on how to take better care of it.

Designed to provide a “holistic hair assessment,” the brush can identify hair elasticity, cuticle damage, resilience, and tangling in just a few strokes, allowing it to easily get a comprehensive picture of how your locks are doing. Yep, just like your favorite hairdresser at the salon. Except, instead of ringing your ears about it, you can check out all the details from an accompanying app, complete with valuable insights on how to make any necessary improvements.


Aside from overall hair quality, the Withings x Kérastase Hair Coach can record the force and rhythm of your stokes, along with brushing frequency, which it then analyzes to provide insight on how to best avoid causing hair damage. As for the brush itself, it look like any standard hair brush, combining a lightweight handle with pro-grade boar and nylon bristles to ensure it looks and feels just as premium as your favorite hair-styling tool.


The app, which is available for iOS and Android, also collects environmental data for your location, which it uses to determine how local weather affects your hair. It then adjusts its hair care recommendations to account for that.

Slated for availability mid-2017, the Withings x Kérastase Hair Coach will be priced at around $200.

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