You Can Now Party Without Your Girlfriend Knowing


Got an always-jealous, extra-strict girlfriend?  Say goodbye to going out with your barbaric buddies, getting drunk to the high heavens and sleeping on your own puke till noon.  Well, maybe not, with the Andes Teletransporter, an in-facility private booth that helps you build a credible excuse in case the girlfriend calls your phone.  Oh, and make sure to turn off your GPS, dude.

Created as a promotional campaign by Argentinian beer company, Andes, the soundproof booth provides a quiet place for harassed boyfriends right in the middle of the club.  That means you can talk to your girlfriend there and not clue her in to the fact that you’re partying it up with your friends she hates so much.

The Andes Teletransporter even goes a step further.  Not only does it give you a quiet spot to compose your fibs, it lets you play a selection of ambient sounds that creates the impression you are actually in a different place.  Want to tell your girl you’re in the gym?  It plays men grunting and dumbbells falling over.   Want to pretend you’re in your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah?  Yep, it recreates an entire celebration in sounds.  There are crying babies, engines revving and a whole host of other environmental noises for you to creatively use too.

Seriously, this is the kind of thing local governments should mandate for every club and bar in their city.  Not doing so is just a plain lack of empathy for the predicament of your domesticated constituents.  Watch the video below (sadly, its not in English) to witness the Teletransporter in its full, awesome, life-saving glory.

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