Adidas Can Now Knit You Custom-Fitted Sweatshirts In Four Hours


Adidas is no stranger to cutting-edge manufacturing, having publicly played around with 3D printing and other non-traditional fabrication methods. Their latest foray on that end comes in the form of Knit for You, a new service that produces custom-sized knitted sweaters on the spot.

Offered at a pop-up Adidas store in Berlin, the service allows you to design your own sweatshirt, which is then put together by industrial knitting machines in a size that’s custom-fitted to your physical profile. And, yes, everything is produced from start to finish right in the store, with the whole process taking no more than four hours.


To choose a design, Knit for You brings customers to a darkened room where various designs are projected onto their chest. All those projections are recorded individually on a computer, which you can browse later when making a pick. You can even adjust the color combinations to your liking, after which you can opt to choose one of the standard sizes or you can order a custom-fitting garment by getting a laser body scan (you will have to strip down to your undies, though). From there, you just wait for the machines to put the sweater together, after which it is finished by hand, washed, dried, and it’s ready to take home.


Adidas has been running Knit for You for a few months now and are currently evaluating whether to expand it to other locations. Price is €200.

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