Amazon Kindle Oasis: Finally, A Waterproof Kindle


We’re big fans of Amazon’s premium e-reader, with its large display and unique shape that enabled a more comfortable grip. Problem is, the darn thing still wasn’t waterproof, which meant you still can’t finish that novel while relaxing in the tub with a glass of red wine. This year’s version of the Amazon Kindle Oasis changes that.

Equipped with IPX8 waterproof rating, this Kindle will finally let you read in the water without worries, whether you’re chilling in the tub, floating in the pool, or standing in the rain. We don’t know why you will want to read while standing in the rain, but if that’s what floats you boat, this e-reader will support it.


The new Amazon Kindle Oasis gets a larger 7-inch display with 300 ppi pixel density, resulting in a quality that Amazon claims “reads like real paper.” It also has zero glare even in bright sunlight, which, when combined with the waterproofing, means you can literally read on your Kindle anywhere in any condition. Like its predecessor, the device is thin and light, while coming with extra bezel on one side for easily gripping with one hand. And, yes, that extra bezel can be held with either your left or right hand, with the e-reader adjusting the output all on its own.

The front lighting, by the way, now adapts to the brightness in the room, automatically adjusting the level of illumination based on your surroundings. Of course, you can also set it manually if you have your own preferred levels of lighting whenever you’re reading. According to Amazon, they added more LED lights to this model, so it can get just a bit brighter than the original Oasis.


The Amazon Kindle Oasis also has a more premium aluminum back panel, which is an upgrade from the plastic back found in its predecessor. There’s also a bigger rechargeable battery that will let you use it for up to six between charges. It still retains the physical page turn buttons of its predecessor on the grip section for convenient one-handed use, while also allowing you to use the touchscreen for turning the page if that’s what you prefer. Updates on the Kindle software add some cool tricks to the e-reader, such as the ability to export notes to your email, a smart lookup that lets you check the dictionary without losing your place in the book, and a timeline view that shows the notable items in a book, so you can do a quick skim before reading.


This is also the first Kindle to have a built-in Audible app, which means you can now listen to your audiobooks on the same device you use to read books. As such, they expanded the memory to 8GB, with a 32GB option for those planning to load a little more audiobooks than the average user. Do note, Amazon decided to go the Apple route and left the device without a 3.5mm port, which means you’ll have to use Audible with either Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is available now.

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  • Now available in Graphite or Champagne Gold.