Artanova’s Athena Sofa Shows That Couches Can Go Multimedia Too

Why bother with a separate PC and a sound system for your living room when you can get it installed right in the couch?  That’s right, the Athena sofa from high-end furniture maker Artanova brings the erstwhile home fixture into the digital age, decking it with a full suite of multimedia capabilities.

You’ll never guess just by looking at it.  Clad with a high-fashion design, the Swiss-made living room furniture looks much like any expensive piece meant to adorn moneyed, celebrity homes.  Well, it actually is an expensive piece meant to adorn moneyed, celebrity homes.  However, it also comes with so much more.

Need to check your email?  Simply sit by either armrest, where a pop out LCD will let you get online using an onboard multimedia PC.  Want to play music from your iPhone?  Don’t bother getting up – there’s an iPod dock on the Athena too, along with an 8-inch subwoofer and a variety of loudspeakers.

Possibly the first self-contained entertainment sofa ever created, I can’t imagine a more attractive proposition for any longtime couch potato.  Now, if they can only add a mini-ref into the mix, there will be no reason to ever get up.

Artanova’s Athena multimedia sofa has me drooling, but the price is a bit too restrictive at a rich $15,436.  Ouch.

[Artanova via Freshome]