BackPack To The Future

solar-power-backpackYou’ll feel like Marty McFly with this backpack of the future that uses solar power to recharge your electronic devices.  Keep all your devices in this pack and use it to recharge your cellphone, PDA, IPOD, or even your digital camera.

Not only are the solar panels tough, but they barely add any weight to the backpack and look stylish as well.  Looks and functionality!  When in direct sunlight they generate up to four watts of power so that your digital devices are always ready to go whenever you need to use them.  Also, don’t leave your pack at home when it’s sprinkling rain.  The solar panels are waterproof.

The Solar Powered Backup features a mesh design that not only allows you to thread your wiring through the pack, and even plug in headphones,  but provides airflow as well, (in case you stuff a pair of gym socks into your pack).  It is made up of recycled PET Fabric and was Shiny’s 2005 Green Gadget of the year.

It won’t charge your laptop but it does have padding to store your computer safely.  It also has loops to attach it to other packs for vacations and easy transport of your luggage through airports.  The Solar Powered Laptop may be out of the price range of most college students, but for the busy businessperson, there’s nothing better than having all of your chargers with you at all times.