BikeBlock: This Concrete Block Serves As A Functional Bike Rack


It looks like an odd-shaped cinder block. For all intents and purposes, it can probably serve as one, too. The BikeBlock, however, is designed to serve as a functional bike stand, giving you a place to secure your bike at home without having to install any special rack.

Made by Urbanature, it’s an erstwhile normal block made from solid concrete. You know, the kind you’ll use to smash the car windshield of your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend when you get drunk and pissed off one night. Except, with a simple tweak, they turned it into a unique and minimalist bike stand.


The Urbanature BikeBlock is, basically, a block of concrete, with a slot at the center to accommodate tires between 18 and 54 mm in width. To use, simply place the brick wherever you want to store your bike, push the bike’s tire into the slot until it’s clamped, and you’re set. Since it’s cast in concrete, the block weighs close to 40 pounds, allowing it to hold its position and keep your bicycle from tipping over. To keep it from scratching your floors, the bottom of the block is covered in a soft layer of leather.


The block itself comes with a smooth finish, with curved edges and corners, ensuring it can fit into the aesthetic of most any contemporary home. If not, you can always cover it with a nice coat of paint to better match whatever you got going inside the house.

Available now, the Urbanears BikeBlock is priced at €89.

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