Black Wii


The Nintendo Wii has proven a firm favorite with the gaming world and has even helped thousands to get fit. Yes, I know... if you had told the specialists a few years ago that video games would be improving fitness (as opposed to making us all obese hermits) they would have had you sectioned. But the Wii has proven itself revolutionary and has been a major success for Nintendo.

So, when you already have a product that is flying off shelves and wowing the world, how to you improve it?

Add more features?

Release more games?

Make it cheaper?

No. You simply paint it.

Well ok, maybe you don’t paint it exactly, but you just release one in another colour. At least seems to be Nintendo’s formula for success as this summer sees the release of the ever successful Nintendo Wii in black in Japan. And not only did they just change the colour, they announced its release in Japan in this colour quite some time ahead of the date at which US residents will be able to get their hands on one. Building up anticipation over a colour change? Really? Well I suppose your grubby fingerprints on the casing won’t show up so much.

Actually, though, this is not the first time a mention of other Wii colors has been made.When its initial marketing material came out prior to its 2006 launch, it was shown in white, black, red, lime and silver. But now the black one will be joining the market with an array of accessories, such as controllers and remotes, blackened to match.

It is expected that the console will retail at just the same price as the white one. And so it should, since there literally are NO other changes than the casing color. Look out for this one hitting shelves in your local store.

For those who cannot wait, We also found some Wii bundles you can buy from Ebay.