How To Roll Like A Rockstar At This Year’s Bonnaroo Festival

Music festivals are awesome. Except for the sleeping in a tent on dirty ground next to thousands of sweaty, smelly revelers part. Unless you enjoy your music best while being dirty and smelly, of course.  If you’re planning to hit Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in June, that doesn’t have to be your fate. Sign up for the Bonnaroo Total Access and enjoy the festivities like the real VIP your mom always knew you’d become.

If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s an annual festival held in a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee that features musicians, comedians, artists and other attractions across multiple stages. This year’s main stage will see huge acts like Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Jay-Z, Norah Jones, Weezer, Conan O’ Brien and many more.

The Bonnarroo Total Access is a VIP package that gets you all-inclusive royal treatment befitting a rockstar (or a dbag with lots of money, which is kind of the same thing). Instead of slumming it out in the field, you to get to pimp it in a large tour bus designed to accommodate up to eight people, stocked with a cargoful of amenities, including private bunks, two airconditioned lounges with complete entertainment systems, a private bathroom, a mini-kitchen (with fridge, pantry, sink and microwave), wireless internet access and ample storage spaces. Since you’ll likely be drinking – a lot – the bus comes with a built-in ice storage that will be constantly refilled throughout your four-day stay too.

When you leave the bus to enjoy the festivities, you get on-stage viewing area for all main stage performances, exclusive viewing areas for all minor stages, VIP-only showers and bathrooms, 24/7 golf cart service (great when you’re too drunk to walk back to the bus), on-site concierge service, full access to all hospitality areas, full access to all open bars and on-site gourmet catering. Oh yeah, you can have the bus stocked with your favorite food and poison too, so you don’t have to haul anything other than your ass and seven lucky friends.

As you may have expected, VIP isn’t cheap. The Bonnaroo Total Access Package will damage your group of eight a starting price of $18,500.

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