This Duct Tape Alternative Bonds With The Same Strength As Solid Steel


We’ve always relied on duct tape to patch things, attach them together, and otherwise repair a variety of items in a jiffy. And it works great. Braeon is a thermoplastic ribbon that does the same thing, except it holds things together with a bond that, the outfit claims, is literally as strong as steel.

No, it’s not a tape, so you can’t just take a strip off a roll and perform your repairs. Instead, it requires heat exposure in order to bond – just dip it in hot water, blast it with a hair dryer, or shoot it with a heat gun. No, it doesn’t need extreme heat, either, as it becomes moldable at just 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


Once a strip of Braeon has been heated, it can be molded into any custom shape for a few seconds before bonding. If you aren’t quite finished molding before it bonds, no problem. Just expose it to heat again and you can continue shaping it, repeating the same process until you’re done. Once bonded, the ribbon hardens so strong, you can use it to craft an actual chain link that’s rated to tow 2,000 pounds. Just make sure not to expose it to high levels of heat when using the chain, since the ribbon is endlessly reusable (which means it will become malleable again).


It’s water-resistant, by the way, so water can’t get penetrate through whatever you patched with the ribbon, with a paintable surface, so you can dress it up with a proper finish. The ribbon comes packaged as a tape-like roll housed inside a custom tin can.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Braeon. You can reserve a 20-foot roll for pledges starting at $18.

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