Brand Station’s LEGO Slippers Are Designed To Protect Your Feet When You Step On Wayward LEGO Bricks


Whether you have children who play with LEGOs or you’re a big child who plays with LEGOs, the same problem happens: you’ll occasionally have bricks littering the floor that you end up stepping on. While it doesn’t quite rate high on the pain scale, it is most definitely annoying. LEGO is, obviously, aware of the problem and has commissioned French outfit Brand Station to create these LEGO Slippers as a potential preventative measure.

No, the slippers aren’t made from construction bricks. Instead, it’s an actual slip-on shoe with heavy padding on the sole, ensuring it can shield your feet from even the most piercing bricks in your collection. Heck, you can probably step on a pile of bricks and come out unscathed. Granted, your favorite Giant Robot Slipper (or any indoor sleeper, for that matter) can probably do the same, but isn’t it more awesome that you’re doing it with LEGO-branded slip-ons?


The good news? You don’t even have to buy them, since Brand Station is planning to give the LEGO Slippers away as a special holiday promotion. The bad news? They’re only doing it in France. Even worse, they only made 1,500 pairs, which, we’re pretty certain, barely covers a tiny fraction of the massive LEGO fanbase the world over. Given that the slippers seem to be erstwhile regular, ambidextrous (each one will fit either left or right foot) slip-ons with just a heavily-padded sole, it’s probably not far-fetched to imagine that some factory in China will be cranking out knock-offs just in time for the holiday shopping season, so you might have a shot of owning one yet.


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