Broomba, A Broom Fit For Haunted Houses


Did you move into your new place hoping to find ghosts living in it, only to discover there’s absolutely nothing there to scare you and your guests? Turn your peaceful home into a haunted house with the Broomba, a regular-looking broom that can hold itself upright and walk across the room the moment it hears music playing.

When you have guests over that you want to scare, simply position the Broomba in a conspicuous place they’re sure to notice. Have them sit down, serve drinks, dim the lights and begin playing your favorite tunes over your stereo system (which, in your case, would be Celine Dion, I guess). Then, try your best to keep a straight face and play dumb as your visitors begin noticing the possessed cleaning equipment. Woooo….

The sound-activated, self-propelled broom measures nearly four feet tall, ensuring that its attempts at frightening won’t go unnoticed. The moment it hears music, it will start walking in one direction, all while emitting scary, crackling sounds, like the ambient noises in horror movies. As soon as it hits any object in its path, it will immediately turn the other way, doing the same thing all over again.

I’m not sure how the sound sensor works, but if it’s not located anywhere on the broomstick, you can probably dress up this thing to make it look like a real ghost. Put a white blanket on there, punch a couple of holes for the eyes and call it Casper. Better yet, add a doll head on top and call it Chucky Jr.

The Broomba will require a smooth surface to walk, so carpeted homes are probably out of the question. It uses three AA batteries and is currently available for $39.

[Grandin Road via Oh Gizmo]