Brunton Axis Pocket Transit: This Compass Looks Like A 007 Weapon


We’re no geologists. As such, we doubt we’ll find any need for the Brunton Axis Pocket Transit. We have to admit, though, it’s hard not to geek out on any compass that looks like a weapon straight out of a secret agent’s arsenal. I mean, the darn thing seriously looks like it’s supposed to shoot lasers or something.

Designed to facilitate easier geological measurements, it’s a new version of the outfit’s magnetic induction damping compass that boasts intuitive, efficient, and more accurate measurements in the field. Whether you’re checking on planes, lines, vertical angles, or bearings, this thing will let you do that with a precision befitting of professional requirements.

The Brunton Axis Pocket Transit has a dual-axis, hollow-hinge design that enables the accurate and versatile measurement capabilities, all while requiring just one configuration for different types of measurements, including strike, dip, trend, plunge, bearing, and vertical angle. It’s also the first compass in Brunton’s line that can measure strike and dip concurrently through contact or sighting, while a lid protractor enables simultaneous measurement of trend and plunge on absolutely any surface.

Features include an adjustable needle locking mechanism, high visibility North and South markings, adjustable magnetic declination, side vial levels, a hard anodized aluminum billet body, and waterproof construction. It measures 3.92 x 2.78 x 1.18 inches.

Available now, the Brunton Axis Pocket Transit is priced at $779.99.

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