Accessorize Like A South Park Character With Burton’s Capsule Collection


Yes, South Park has really been on-air for the past 20 years. Whether you’ve stuck with it through those two decades, caught the bug somewhere in the middle, or just occasionally watch the show for a hearty laugh, chances are, you have a soft spot in your heart for the foursome of Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, and Stan. And now, you can wear any of those four characters’ favorite hats with this Burton x South Park collaboration.

Consisting of four different headwear, the collection lets you strut around like any of the show’s four lead characters. Whether you want to hit the town in Stan’s beanie, shield yourself from the cold with Kenny’s hood, or just be an obnoxious loudmouth while channeling Cartman, this collection has you covered with adult-sized replicas of their signature headwear.


The Burton x South Park Kenny Hood is made from Drydride Thermex, a bonded fleece fabric to ensure suitable performance in colder conditions. It’s both quick-drying and highly-breathable, so you can keep it on tight like Kenny even when it’s no longer very cold, with soft-lock seams that won’t chafe and trim made from faux fur. The Burton x South Park Kyle Trapper, on the other hand, is made from 100 percent polyester, with Sherpa fleece lining, so it’s soft and warm, and a bomber-style fit. Both the Burton x South Park Stan Beanie and the Burton x South Park Cartman Beanie are made from acrylic fabric, with a fold-up skully fit and bright shades to bring color to your daily accessorizing.

Pricing for the Burton x South Park headwear collection starts at $29.95.

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