How To Turn Your Nails Into A Chalkboard

Nail art will be so much easier if you can just erase whatever you painted on there with water.  Well, you can start doing that soon with the Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure, which puts actual chalkboard coat on your nails so you can draw on it with chalk many times over.

Just like a real chalkboard (or that wall you covered with Rust-Oleum), you should be able to put doodles of all sorts on your nails without requiring any chemicals to remove them.  Since the kit doesn’t come with an eraser brush, though, we’re assuming you can simply dab water onto it to remove the drawings, allowing you to decorate your nails in different ways every couple hours you feel like it.

A part of Ciaté’s Wow Kits line, the Chalkboard Manicure will come in a set consisting of the black chalkboard base coat, four liquid chalk pens (white, blue, green and pink), and a clear topcoat if you want to preserve the designs for a little while longer than the next time you wash your hands.  We’re not sure how fine are the lines you can draw with these things, but since they’re pens, they should allow for a  little more detail than regular chubby chalks.

The Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure will be launched April 23rd, with UK department store Selfridges getting the initial exclusive drop.  Now, if someone can just create chalkboard skin paint, I can finally cover up this horrendous arm tat I got during my teens and draw something new on it every morning.

[via MTV Style]