Day Bed One Sits You, Sleeps You And Lets You Put Up Your Feet

Furniture doesn’t have to be complicated to be multi-functional.   Case in point: the Day Bed One, a piece of furnishing that are equal parts straightforward, chic, and practical.

Designed for three functions, the elegant chattel can act as a lounging couch, a bed and a coffee table, depending on what you need.  Sure, it won’t be the best couch, bed or coffee table you can get, but the versatility should make it useful as a trusty emergency unit.

The Day Bed One has a frame made from solid European oak that could play a slightly oversized coffee table for the living room.  Makers Another Country says it can be ordered with longer legs (it uses a screw leg system, which should make putting in a new set easy), should you want to commission it for other uses (like a backup dining table or a desk).

Throw in the mattress and it becomes extra seating for the room — perfect when you have too many guests and no extra chairs (better than having them sit on hard wood).  The size is ample enough to have it function as a single-person bed, too, in case some of those guests end up too drunk and decide to spend the night.  The mattress, made by Naturalmat, features a Latex core with organic coir and wool wrapping.

Another Country has the Day Bed One on sale in either a natural or black finish, with the mattress available in either green, gray or red Bute fabric upholstery.  Price for the set starts at £1,550.

[AnotherCountry via SwissMiss]