Delorean Hard Drive Car: A Back To The Future HDD Enclosure

Sure, there’s no rhyme or reason for anything like this to ever be necessary.  Still, it’s tough to deny the inherent appeal of a Delorean Hard Drive Car, which slips a 500GB hard disk inside a stainless steel replica of that ridiculous time machine vehicle from Back to the Future.

Created by Flash Rods, it’s no shabby recreation either.  Four years in the making, it features an intricately detailed copy of Marty McFly’s time-transcending ride, all while being more functional than a mere shelf display.

The Delorean Hard Drive Car is a 1:18 scale replica made from stainless steel, with a 500GB Seagate hard drive hiding under the chassis.    Boasting accurate recreation of the movie prop, it features 50s-style moon discs, as well as flip-up gullwing doors (so you can access the interior) and a pop-up front hood (unfortunately, with nothing underneath).

It connects to your computer via USB, with the port located at the rear license plate.  The wheels actually roll, so you can “drive” it across your desk while backing up torrented movies you downloaded from work.  Just be careful — you don’t want to get transported through time accidentally (hey, we don’t know how “accurate” of a remake this is).

Want one?  Prepare to look back in time to when you were $250 richer.

[Flash Rods]