These Bicycle Pedals Come With Magnets For Leaning Bikes Upright Against Posts, Cars, And Mailboxes


It looks like any ordinary pair of bike pedals. Except, the Digirit Pedal Park is fitted with magnets along the edge that allows it to magnetically secure onto any ferromagnetic surface, allowing you to leave the bike standing upright without the need to use a kickstand.

That means, you can now stand your bike next to parked cars, steel posts, and alley dumpsters, provided they’re cut in ferromagnetic metals. No steel materials anywhere in sight? They do provide a pair of steel plates you can mount on walls with screws (so you can park it next to the garage wall at home), although we’re guessing you can use a reusable sticky pad to mount it anywhere on-the-go.


The Digirit Pedal Park comes in two variants: one cut in plastic and another cut in a durable aluminum alloy. Digirit recommends using the former with commuter bikes, with the latter serving as a better fit for road bikes and MTBs. Other than the integrated magnets, they work, pretty much, like any bike pedals, so it should install and function much like whatever parts you currently have in its place.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Digirit Pedal Park. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $30.

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