DJI Osmo Plus Adds Optical Zoom To Their Superpowered Selfie Stick


We’re big fans of DJI’s stick-mounted Osmo camera, with its integrated gimbal enabling you to shoot highly-stabilized video footage. The DJI Osmo Plus improves on the original in one significant way: it now comes with built-in zoom for shooting subjects at farther distances.

Armed with an actual zoom lens, the camera boasts 3.5x optical zoom, along with lossless 2x digital zoom, totaling an effective focal range of 22mm to 77mm. That means, you’ll get to film subjects at longer distances without losing any clarity, giving you more shooting options than ever before.


The DJI Osmo Plus can shoot up to 4K footage at 30 fps, although the digital zoom will only be lossless at 1080p, so you’ll need to dial back on some resolution if you want long-range shooting prowess. It retains the same mini-selfie stick design of the original, with built-in facilities for mounting onto tripods, longer selfie sticks, and sports gear, as well as the same advanced stabilization technology that lets the framing stay even regardless of any jerky movements.


Features include DJI’s X3 Zoom camera (which comes with a Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor),  a 92-degree field of view, 12-megapixel stills, and a battery rated at 100 minutes of filming. Aside from the usual shooting options, the new camera boasts a motion timelapse mode that requires you to simply define a start and end point then let the camera do the rest and a panorama mode that stitches nine stills together for wide, sweeping shots.

Available now, the DJI Osmo Plus is priced at $649.

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