DormVault Laptop Safe Offers Dedicated Security For Your Notebooks


While having a safety vault is a nice idea, it seems overkill when your only valuable property is a 17-inch laptop.  That’s exactly what the DormVault Laptop Safe does, protecting your precious piece of electronics from the never-ending hazards of college dormitories.

As much as you may trust your roommates, you just never know what can really go on when you’re not around.  Between spilled beer, visitors you don’t know and compromising videos stored away in a secret folder, there are just too many things that can go wrong.  That’s why a laptop safe makes so much sense.

The DormVault is a folder-like steel case with a locking mechanism that can hold your laptop and various other small items.  Emergency cash?  Throw it in there. Important papers?  Lock it in.  A bag of pot you don’t want your roommates finding and using up?  I’m sure it will fit.

Measuring 16 x 13 x 5 inches, the secure repository can accommodate up to 17-inch notebooks and is guarded by a combination lock.  It comes with multiple sizes of mounts and wingnuts, so you can attach it securely to any part of the room, including furniture.  The brackets bolt into the safe from the inside, ensuring nobody can remove it unless they destroy whatever it’s connected to.

If you’ve ever worried about losing what little valuables you own inside your own dorm, the ruggedly sleek DormVault Laptop Safe can put an end to your concerns.  It’s available now  at a student-friendly price of $79.99.

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