DrawTop Adds A Whiteboard To Your Computer

Whiteboards are awesome.  You can write down reminders, doodle fancy looking diagrams, and even leave yourself a motivational message.  Except carrying one in your laptop bag just seems impractical.  Not if you use the DrawTop, which makes keeping a whiteboard all the time a less-daunting proposition.

How?  By turning that unused top lid of your laptop into one.  That way, you get to have a perfectly functional dry-erase board without needing to carry any extra equipment. And, yes, you can use it to jazz up your laptop with drawings of butterflies and ponies rolling in magical pixie dust if you’re into that.  Ugh.

The DrawTop is a laptop sticker with a whiteboard on the front panel instead of some cheesy graphic, so you can scribble your own cheesy stuff all by yourself.  Applying it is similar to any regular decal — just stick it to your computer’s top lid and you immediately turn the erstwhile unused surface into a dry-erase panel.  Like any good whiteboard, you can jot on it using dry-erase markers, then wipe down cleanly with a piece of cloth.  It’s made from high-quality non-porous vinyl, so you can use water or alcohol-based cleaners, too, if necessary.

Unlike most decals, these aren’t reusable, so if you decide to liberate your computer’s topside for whatever reason, you’ll have to pick up a new one to re-equip.  The adhesive does peel off cleanly, though, so there’s no need to deal with sticky residue.

Each DrawTop comes with one stick-on whiteboard panel, four fine-tipped dry-erase markers (different colors), a microfiber eraser cloth and a set of velcro dots for attaching your markers to the laptop.  Price is $12.