Dream Machine Kiosk Lets You Make Customized Pillows

Can’t find the perfect pillow?  We symphatize.  Even if you know the actual style and firmness that you’re looking for, a trip to local stores doesn’t guarantee you’ll find one exactly like it.  The Dream Machine kiosk should fix all that, allowing you to make your own pillow for customized comfort.

Created by Durable Products Company, the machine lets you input your specific cushion preferences, such as normal sleeping position, degree of firmness, depth, type of sachet  (they have aromatic varieties) and custom embroidery.  Once you’ve entered them, it goes to work, filling, sewing and fluffing the pillow right before your eyes.

The Dream Machine is a freestanding kiosk that lets you make a custom pillow right on the spot.  It’s got large windows for both the pillows and the filling, allowing you to witness the construction from start to finish. Designed with the help of a neurosurgeon and a chiropractor, the pillows aren’t mere hatchet jobs – they’re actually medically-correct creations, designed according to the data you input.  Filling consists of a hybrid blend of double-puffed duck down and Everlon, a patented flake with a unique tension and built-in memory, allowing the products to be equipped with unique levels of firmness.

According to the company, they’ve already tested the kiosks at various retail stores and they’ve proven quite the hit.  The extra-customized pillows won’t be cheap, though, retailing between $129 to $149.  Considering you’ll be using good pillows every night for years on end, however, it might not be such a bad idea.

Licenses for the Dream Machine are currently being offered, with mattress stores, specialty shops, malls, design showrooms and chiropractor offices being the primary prospects.  It was formally introduced last week at the Las Vegas Market.

[Dream Machine via Bedroom Mag]